Frequently Asked Questions

The reason lies in how we seal up our buildings. 50 years ago we didn’t worry about energy efficiency. Homes and offices breathed, allowing the purification created by nature to clean our homes and businesses. Today we are focused on energy savings, but in doing so we have blocked the purifying power of nature, effectively “sealing our buildings with deadly precision”. Without natures purification, we allow our buildings to be a safe haven for microbes and chemical contaminates. It should be no surprise we now even have a name for this dangerous condition: Sick Building Syndrome

Traditional methods of air purification use passive devices like filters or UV lights, requiring the pollution to come to the solution. Greentech adds active technologies, meaning we create the solution so it can go to the pollution. Think of it as catching a mouse; you can use a trap but the mouse has to find the trap. The better solution is to get a cat who will hunt down the mouse wherever they are hiding. Greentech technologies include hydrogen and oxygen based oxidation and Cluster Ions which travel throughout the indoor environment, reducing odors caused by mold and bacteria, inactivating viruses, breaking down chemical compounds, eradicating odors and clumping particles so they drop from the air, doing so at their source. The bottom line: a much cleaner indoor environment!

Our products are designed to be run continuously and your indoor environment needs continuous cleaning just as nature continuously cleans outdoors. There is no reason to turn off your purifier. The only action may be to adjust the output based upon the problems in your indoor environment.